Go Cashless, Globally.

Pay and get paid in 162 switchable currencies.

Project is production ready and awaiting approvals.

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Send and receive money using local currency translation.

Worldwide Acceptance

Use your mobile device to scan an encrypted Digital Debit® QR to instantly pay someone or get scanned to accept Bitcoin using the current value of your preferred currency. Instantly sign up for free and get started.
Fee: A flat fee of $0.50 (USD) in BTC value is applied to sending Bitcoin above $20 (USD) in value.

Built On Coinbase

Use an existing account or instantly create a new account in the app. Use Coinbase to load Bitcoin value into your dedicated Digital Debit® wallet. Digital Debit® does not connect to other wallets in your Coinbase account and you can manage your Digital Debit® wallet in the Coinbase app or website at any time.

Real-Time Transactions

Digital Debit® transactions are off-blockchain and designed for fast and simple value exchanges similar to using paper money.
Users must be registered with the Digital Debit® app to send Bitcoin value using e-mail.