Digital Debit 2.0 #Fintech #mPOS

We have a new version of the Digital Debit® App in the works that will become our premier offering. Our Coinbase version of Digital Debit will remain as Version 1 and available in the iOS and Android App stores for users that want an easy front-end transactions app for the Coinbase crypto ecosystem. Version 2 […]

Taking #ZELLE To The Next Level In #FinTech #MobilePayments

ZELLE® is a registered trademark of Early Warning Systems LLC and used in this post under Nominative Fair Use. Digital Debit® is a registered trademark of Qondado LLC.  ZELLE® has been a huge success during its first year since introduction in 2017 when it launched in most major U.S. banking apps. ZELLE allow bank customers to […]

Qondado LLC Wins Digital Debit® GUI Patent For Real-Time Payment Apps

Qondado LLC, managing company of Digital Debit® Intellectual Property & Standards Group, the Digital Debit® Group IP licensing arm, is excited to announce the grant and instant licensing availability of U.S. D826,955. D826,955 target Real-Time Payment and Crypto application use cases. Developers of Real-Time Payment applications built on ACH or ZELLE systems can obtain a non-exclusive [&hel...

Digital Debit® Group Grant EMVCo Global Members Evaluation License

As part of a source code analysis of the Digital Debit® UAF SDK for EMVCo QR by U.S. card networks, Digital Debit® Intellectual Property & Standards Group granted worldwide EMVCo registered members an Evaluation License for our EMVCo QR SDK. Registered EMVCo members can receive a copy of our SDK for EMVCo QR Consumer | […]

Digital Debit® for Real-Time Payments Spec Published

We are happy to announce the publication of our Digital Debit® for Real-Time Payments specification based on our newly available licensing program for U.S. patent D826,955. This new specification is designated for TCH-RTP, ZELLE, and Crypto applications. Please visit here to learn more.

MasterCard’s Vocalink Does Not Make Digital Debit Payments

As a correction to a press release from MasterCard, Vocalink’s Pay by Bank product does not offer Digital Debit® payments: We do not provide support for Vocalink product and services.

Digital Debit iOS Is Out, Dream Come True.

Digital Debit (DD) is in the Apple App Store for IOS 9+ devices. There’s a bit of a traditional story of pitch/denial at the foundation of Digital Debit, and I’m sure one day in a book, that story will be told. Designing DD to deliver a one world payment system was met by it’s share […]