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The Bitcoin Coinbase Opportunity

There’s a window of opportunity to add a tier to the current ecosystem of Bitcoin user engagement on the Coinbase exchange platform: Once the silo of confusion disappear, the floodgates to adoption can open.

The Bitcoin Barbershop Conversation

One moving event in the development of Digital Debit® was overhearing a conversation that popped up about Bitcoin on a barbershop visit. A guy came in and was a regular visitor to the shop. The 3 barbers entertained various subjects keeping the social expectations of the barbershop culture. Then, out of nowhere, I received a […]

Cracking The Bitcoin Adoption Issue

There’s a known story in The Bible called The Tower Of Babel: The story has it that a society decided to build a tower tall enough to reach heaven. God observing this, decided to punish the society by changing each person’s understanding of language so they would be too confused to complete construction of the […]

Say Hi To Bishiki

Say hello to our innovation mascot… Bishiki. There are several high level meanings to our favorite lovable character. The most significant at this juncture is what will be introduced to the world as Digital Debit® will disrupt everything, and this lamb has enhanced foresight to avoid any slaughter… This little guy is about to cause […]