Digital Debit® is a simple app to send and receive instant real-time payments between Coinbase cloud wallets worldwide utilizing 1s accurate local currency converted values using the Bitcoinaverage global index.

Users traveling cross-boarders can use Digital Debit® as their universal Bitcoin value exchange tool for goods and services with currency localization dictated by the receiving user.

A cab driver in Denmark who want to get paid Bitcoin value in their native DKK currency, forces a tourist from London to switch their Digital Debit® app from GBP to DKK before a payment can be sent. 

Digital Debit® is designed to be your full-time cash replacement solution for the exchange of goods and services. Users and businesses can set up Digital Debit® within minutes and accept Bitcoin instead of fiat cash tender.

App Setup

A account is required to sign in to Digital Debit®. If you don’t have an existing Coinbase account, you can create and manage one from the Digital Debit app. A SMS and e-mail device verification may be required for you to complete the sign in process on a new device. Once you log in with Coinbase, select your local currency.

IMPORTANT: Digital Debit® requires you to select a BTC wallet from your Coinbase account during sign in. Other Coinbase crypto wallet types are not supported with the Digital Debit® app at this time. 


Getting Started

Receive Mode

Receive Mode is the default panel mode to accept payments from other users. The app doesn’t offer a list of completed transactions and act only as a transaction tool attached to your Coinbase account. You can manage your Coinbase account to add Bitcoin value and see transactions from the Settings page in the Digital Debit® app.

The Digital Debit® QR is tokenized and is not compatible with third party Bitcoin wallets. If you want to accept Bitcoin from third party wallets, please press the ATM button and Digital Debit® will generate your one-time use BTC receive address for your connected Coinbase wallet. 

Pay Mode

Enter an amount to send to another user to enter Pay Mode. Scan a Digital Debit® tokenized QR or traditional BTC wallet QR to initiate a payment transfer. Digital Debit will give you a visual verification of Green text when your current Coinbase balance covers the send amount and Red when your current Coinbase balance doesn’t cover the send amount.

Other types of QR formats are not compatible with the Digital Debit® app. The minimum send amount is 0.01 (USD converted value) and the default maximum amount is 2500 (USD converted value) limit per day. A non-refundable flat service fee of 0.50 (USD converted value) is applied when sending a single amount of 10.00 or above (USD converted value).

Paying to a traditional BTC address is supported by our fee as a courtesy to our users. To avoid our fee when sending to BTC addresses, please use an alternative app.


When a payment is complete, both the sender and receiver will get a visual push notification with a confirmation message of 1 of 4 random colors and a number.

The color and number confirmation of a Digital Debit® transaction can also be found in the “optional” field of the sender and receiver Coinbase transaction history. Digital Debit® sends transaction records as “option” Coinbase transaction data instead of providing receipts from the app. Both the sender and receiver will receive an e-mail from Coinbase if e-mail alerts are active, including the Digital Debit® color and number confirmation info.

Merchants and businesses can refer to the Coinbase wallet transaction page to monitor real-time transaction received and easily search transaction by entering in a customer’s transaction color and number as a receipt method for returns and refunds.


App Settings

Digital Debit® include settings to activate Touch (Finger) and Face ID when opening the app after closing. and the ability to export your tokenized QR for distribution as well as app personalization.

Each time you access the Settings panel, the current 1s accurate currency balance will refresh.

Note: when adding a funding source to your Coinbase account, please make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover the Coinbase deposit verification process.

Save Your Tokenized QR

The QR can be saved to your photo library to embed in invoices, banners, bill receipts, and other points of payment acceptance such as YouTube videos, Social Media messages, and donation materials.

Set App Background Image

Express yourself or include business art by customizing the app background with a picture or photo from your photo library.



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